Gold Pearls - Jumbo/Assorted Sizes Vase Decorations

Gold Pearls - Jumbo/Assorted Sizes Vase Decorations
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  • To float the pearls, order the transparent Water Gels Packets or Event Pack
  • Wow your guests with this Hottest Trend. Elegant with a magical twist vase fillers and table scatters for wedding decorations, anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, graduations, bridal showers and more
  • The 80 Pearls Pack contains: 4 Jumbo Pearls (30 mm/1.25"d), 20 Large Pearls large (20 mm/0.75"d), and 56 Medium Pearls (14 mm/0.5"d). Fills two measuring cups stacked (not floating)
  • The Pearls can be used for an unlimited number of times, suitable for any size budget, easy to do and can be prepared several days in advance 
  • The Pearls have drilled holes 
  • The Floating Candles are sold separately, and the vases are not for sale
Please contact us for any inquiries, consultation needs and/or if you need help estimating quantities for your vases. Call: 872.203.9810 or email

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