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Unique Transparent Water Gels Jumbo Packet + Blue Water Gels Color Accents for the Floating Look

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  • Does Not Include Pearls
  • Great for Birthdays, Holidays, cotillion and more. 
  • The Water Gels Color Accents are also available in many other colors: Lavender, Turquoise, Light Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Red (Coral ), Light Green, Black and White. Please include a note with your order if you would like any of the above colors.
  • They are color safe and made specially for our design concept. 
  • To determine how much you will need, count the number of measuring cups of water your vase takes to fill to the level you desire.
  • Each Jumbo Packet of the dry Transparent Water Gels makes about 8 measuring cups after hydration and will equal to 8 measuring cups for your vases.
  • The main photo is showing with a Submersible LED Light, sold separately. 
  • Please note that this product The Transparent Water Gels is transparent and is not the Pearls that are showing in the photos (the Pearls are sold separately). You will need this product our Transparent Water Gels which is SPECIALLY made to FLOAT the Pearls and for MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY, unlike some other brands. You will need to order the Pearls Packs separately if you want the Pearls to float in your vases (The Pearls will NOT float in water alone). 
  • A preparation instruction sheet ( very easy ) is included with every order.
  • Our Transparent Water Gels are tiny and look like very small beads at first ( see 5th image), just add water to The Transparent Water Gels. Please use distilled water if your tap water is not clear. Soak for 10 hours for full hydration and as a result they will become Transparent Gels balls that will float  the Pearls. 
  • Allow 10 hours for the dry Water Gels to soak in water.
  • The Transparent Water Gels are a good source of water for fresh flowers and plants. They are also removable, reusable for many times and can be stored for years.
  • You can make the arrangement last for several months by changing and adding fresh water to The Transparent Water Gels twice a week.
  • For large events please see our Transparent Water Gels Event Packs.
Please contact us for any inquiries, consultation needs and/or if you need help estimating quantities for your vases. Call: 872.203.9810 or email
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